Self Realization


Imagine, we are made from amoeba to this stage how? How? How carefully, beautifully, God has created us, we never even felt the pinch, we became human beings. How did we manage to become human beings? We never even think about it, take it for granted. But what must be the tremendous force that has created you into a human being?

That’s how we come to logical conclusion to understand that, in evolution you have to ascend in to your awareness and you develop a new awareness. This happens when this Brahamarandra opens out and the Sahasrara which is the limbic area completely opens and allows the Kundalini to come. Now, somebody asked Me one more question that why this happening is needed? Why not God created us just like this? And why is it necessary for Kundalini to be awakened? The reason is the human attention, first of all, you have to evolve slowly, slowly, slowly. When you evolve from amoeba to this stage from carbon to amoeba, amoeba to this stage we have got within ourselves,.... different centers which denote our milestones along our progress.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1983-01-29

It could have been very easy if we had listened to god at the time of Adam and Eve. At the time of Adam and Eve, it was told that you should not eat the fruit of knowledge. Now, that was not the fruit of the true knowledge, but the fruit of knowledge was the knowledge about the matter, knowledge about things. So, as you know, the story is, satanic forces worked, they nude both of them and they started developing themselves on the other side. That is how you made a mistake. That is why it is called as original sin. And that original sin has brought us to this brain. Now, and we have to go back. We have to go back within ourselves to find our roots. And that is why to improve on their mistakes and to improve on their ignorance that is how the first ignorance was setting. The darkness of ignorance was setting because of that mistake. And then from darkness we need to come to human stage. And when we need to come to human stage we have to pass through all that different various stage of life where incarnations have to take place. So, as now as you know very well, we have incarnation placed in our centres which are not yet awakened. That means they are not in our attention. They are not to be felt in our central nervous system or we cannot fill them on our finger tips, to be very very simple. So they are there but they are not acting according to our desire. We do not know them and they do not listen to us. They do what is right for them or what they think is proper. You do not have any connection with them so far. So the first thing is to connect yourself with those different stages through which you have passed.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1983-09-29